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GolfSwitch launches its new website

header golfGolfSwitch, the world's leader in online tee time technology and distribution has launched its new website A serious improvement of the previous site allows potential clients; golf resorts, golf courses, associations, tourist boards, tour operators, website operators etc to browse through the GolfSwitch solutions and find the one that suits their operation.

Doug Reichel, CEO GolfSwitch Inc: "Over the past few years we focused so hard on the needs of our clients with most, if not all, development going into the development of our client tools that we more or less forgot our own website. We do realise however that the we can not convince our clients that our solutions are the 'go to' ones when our own website lacked the sophistication it needs. We opted for a clean but intuitive website where our clients can immediately see what we are all about ... golf course centric technology and distribution!"

The GolfSwitch website also features a link to where golfers can book rounds of golf on close to 3,000 courses worldwide. When, as a golfer, you need choice and be able to compare courses and rates, Golfhub is the site to go to.

GolfSwitch connected courses are celebrating online milestones all over Europe this December. Total generated online course revenue in Europe has passed over 5 million Euros in one year on the 6th of December. Marriott golf courses in the UK have processed over 10,000 tee times already this year, quadrupled from last years result. Some of our more successful courses process close to 30% of their played rounds online. We believe this is only going to grow once the golfer accepts the process and booking a round of golf online will become as natural as booking a flight, room or car online.

The recent update of the GolfSwitch website triggers an exciting year ahead with many new services for golf courses becoming available starting with our elaborate Yield Management system.  An extensive Tour Operator and third party booking engine with API possibility will become the tool of choice for the travel industry and more course technology will be revealed in the next few months.

Jo Maes, Managing Director GolfSwitch International Ltd: "I for one applaud our guys in the USA making all this technology work and come together. One of our main USP's in Europe is that our technology does work and it works now unlike many other initiatives that have popped up over the past few months. There are solutions in countries like Portugal and Ireland who are all trying to build with limited resources what GolfSwitch has build with over 12 years experience and a substantial multi-million dollar investment. It is just not feasible to 'quickly' recreate something that has this sort of knowledge and experience behind it and the market will find out and for some, it will be better late than never.

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