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Terme Merano: The spa facilities at a glance

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Terme Merano at the heart of Merano offers the townspeople and visitors to South Tyrol an oasis of health and wellbeing. They constitute a new interpretation of Merano’s long tradition as a health resort and spa. ´At Terme Merano, with their 7,650 square meters of spa facilities, there is an emphasis on nature and culture in South Tyrol as the basis of a holistic health and feel-good offering.

Top priority is given to everybody’s most valuable asset – namely health – and harmony between body, spirit and soul. A full range of bathing, exercise, relaxation, treatments and feel-good applications promote and maintain health and wellbeing.

Water is the basic element at Terme Merano. Since the 1960s water containing radon has been pumped from Monte San Vigilio near Merano and used for a variety of therapeutic applications. In the new Terme Merano, radon water has always been employed for radon inhalations and individual radon baths and now it is also used to fill the pools. The water has a radon concentration of 500 Bq/l(Becquerel per litre), which is classified as a very moderate radon content.

A variety of therapeutic properties are ascribed to mineral water containing radon:

Soothing and pain-relieving effects on the central and peripheral nervous systems.
For that reason the water is especially indicated for osteoarthrosis and many disorders of the
bones, joints and muscles.

Dilatation of the peripheral vessels with antihypertensive effects.
That means the water is especially indicated for ladies with chronic disorders of the veins
(varicose veins, pathologically dilated capillaries, etc).

Positive effects on the respiratory system because the water above all strengthens the natural
resistance of the mucous membranes (the immune system) of the respiratory tract.

Improvements for allergy sufferers, due to the fact that radon water has a slightly desensitising
effect on the body’s own antigens.

The offering at the Spa & Vital Center is full and varied. From grape-based vitality applications and treatments with South Tyrolean mountain herbs to feel-good whey baths, the emphasis is on natural produce from South Tyrol. The Health and Wellness programs include a number of special packages: South Tyrolean feel-good baths in the tub and in the Emperor’s bath with essences of apple, grape, herbs and whey, wool or mountain hay from South Tyrol, whey and juniper whirlpool baths or chestnut peelings.

The Spa & Vital Center also offers hydromassage baths, radon inhalation and radon baths, a choice of algae-, apple- and whey-based packs, peeling products and wraps, as well as a wide range of massages including lymph drainage, aromatic oil massage, foot reflexology massage, acupressure and shiatsu.

Pools & Sauna
A variety of pools with a total area of over 2000 sq.m. (1,250 sq.m. outdoor and 800 sq.m.

25 pools between 4 sq.m. and 472 sq.m. (13 indoor and 12 outdoor*)

8 saunas covering a total area of approx. 1,250 sq.m. (for use without swimwear)

The 25 pools offer a new dimension to the bathing experience, from the fitness pool and spring bath to the Jacuzzi and invigorating whirlpools, plus a brine pool with underwater music, and the hot and cold pool.

The glass cube of Terme Merano provides unrestricted views of Merano’s natural Alpine-Mediterranean scenery. The facilities in the park include hot and cold pools, kneipp pools, a spring bath and flume, a steam grotto, a steam bath, rock geysers and power showers, a big swimming pool that merges with a water lily pond as well as various saunas and rest areas.

There are also a Finnish sauna, sanarium (biosauna), caldarium and steam baths indoors and in the park, with a snow room and various cold-water pools for cooling off.

Contact: Terme Merano
Piazza Terme 9
39012 Merano
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