English version Top Hotels Made in Vorarlberg - part 1

Made in Vorarlberg - part 1


 The identity of a region can be well expressed through the products that are made there. Six films were created in collaboration with Markus Curin in which the production cycles of Vorarlberg’s manufacturers are highlighted.

What is typical of the Vorarlberg holiday region? In addition to the area’s natural beauty and diverse opportunities to experience nature, the people here are capable of truly fantastic creations. They are the architects and craftsmen, cultural progressives, hosts and hostesses, and all those who identify themselves as the makers of beautiful and useful things to enjoy.

1. Handmade Vorarlberg skis

The origins of a unique success story began when Anton Kästle manufactured his first pair of handmade skis in his cartwright workshop in Hohenems in 1924. 132 Olympic and World Championship medals later, with skis worn by the likes of Toni Sailer, the Epple sisters, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Tom Stiansen and other masters of the slopes, this legendary and cult Vorarlberg ski brand suddenly and surprisingly disappeared from the market in 1998.

In 2007, Kästle managed a brilliant comeback thanks to a group of investors led by Rudolf Knünz and set new benchmarks for the entire industry. Combining construction technologies from racing with the all-mountain segment has resulted in the development of revolutionary Hollowtech technology.

Exceptional ideas are born from the creation of specialised models, for instance the wood veneer made from Vorarlberg cherry wood for the “MX Limited” skis. Nowhere else can the value of these skis be best enjoyed than here on the region’s most beautiful slopes.